Dr. K was kind enough to examine my situation and create a mouth night guard for me. The guard really helped to ease the pain of grinding my teeth at night. She helped explain what was happening to my jaw/joints/teeth and was able to create the guard in a few days. Thanks Dr. K and Ana!

Kristina L.

I sought out dental services by Dr. Kasparian after hearing about her through a colleague at work. She came highly recommended. Happy to say that I've been a satisfied patient of hers since January 2012. My oral hygiene wasn't the best that it could've been back when I first started going to Dr. Kasparian. She was very direct in her recommendations and I appreciated her honesty in describing to me the reality of the situation in how I was going to need to improve my oral hygiene. I have taken her consultations seriously and my teeth are the best they've been. She is the type of dentist who makes you want to follow her advice because she knows what she's talking about. I recommend her to anyone who wants superior service for dental hygiene. Also, her staff are always so nice!

Marissa B.

I was referred to Dr. Kasparian through a coworker after avoiding the dentist for well over 3 years (oops). Upon my first appointment with her, I quickly realized how thorough and knowledgeable she was about dentistry and improving the state of my mouth.

Because it had been years since receiving any dental service, my teeth required extensive help. Dr. Kasparian and her staff were wonderful, patient, and friendly throughout the whole experience. I actually enjoyed going to the dentist, knowing that my oral hygiene was in the hands of a dentist with vast experience in the field and who truly had my best interests in mind.

Now that my teeth are at their healthiest they've been in ages, I must highly recommend Dr. Silvia Kasparian to anyone in need of a dentist. She'll make sure your teeth receive all the attention they require and will set you up with an awesome oral hygiene regimen to get your smile looking as beautiful as possible.

Also, once you've completed all of your necessary treatments, you get a free professional grade teeth whitening kit that is legit. I'm telling you... your smile will be looking beautiful once Dr. Kasparian is through with it.

Chelsea M.

I really disliked going to the dentist. Then I was referred to Dr. Kasparian. The quick review is she provides the most thoughtful, friendly, and rigorous dental care I've ever had.

Dr. Kasparian is the most transparent dentist I've gone to. She explains what treatment she recommends and why, along with the pros and cons of the treatment. She encourages questions. She also is willing to discuss the costs and plan treatment over years to take full advantage of insurance benefits. During procedures she checks in regularly and gives clear directions.

Dr. Kasparian puts a lot of thought into every tooth and every treatment. She not only referred me to a great dentist for a root canal, but wanted to be looped in on his treatment recommendation. This also comes across during her cleaning, she checks in about any tooth that doesn't look 100% normal. She remembers to ask about issues she pointed out during previous cleanings.

Finally, she is incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. I actually look forward to my appointments, even knowing I'll get an ear-full about my flossing habits.

I've been to 7 dentists and 3 orthodontists in my life and Dr. Kasparian stands apart from all of them.

Anto A.

Amazing service they were able to assist me with an Emergency (broken tooth ). I was immediately seen and evaluated. The doctor was thorough during the exam. She kindly explained my situation and gave me options for treatment. Best dental experience I've ever had. Very satisfied with the care and friendly staff.

Stacey G.

Dr. Kasparian is hands down the best dentist I have EVER had (and could ever imagine!). She and her staff are SO much more than just healthcare providers; they truly care about you as a patient and will come up with a very detailed treatment plan that is perfectly customized to what you need, as well as what you can afford. Dr. K will never try to sell you a treatment you don't absolutely need, she sometimes provides extra treatments/procedures at little or no cost (because why not?! she's a good person and she wants her patients to be happy and confident) and, most importantly, she is her patients' undying advocate against the greedy insurance companies -- as an example, Dr. K once appealed a $1,000 insurance denial FOUR times on my behalf until they finally agreed to pay. Thank you Dr. K!!!

The location of their office is also extremely convenient if you live/work in downtown LA - I would make appointments for the middle of the work day and it took me ~5 min to walk over. After word got around my office, tons of people from my company started going to her too!

Good dentists are hard to find, and great dentists are even rarer. Dr. K and her staff are so caring and extremely easy to work with (!) that anyone looking for a new dentist should definitely check them out before going to anyone else.

Unfortunately, I am about to move back to NorCal and I am SOOOO SAD I'll have to find a new dentist now!!! I almost cried during my last appointment this week. Dr. K and her staff are great people and they will do AMAZING things with your smile!!! :)

P.S. After every appointment, patients always go home with a cute goodie bag of travel sized toothpaste, a tooth brush and floss -- so thoughtful and useful!!!

Katie W.

Dr. Kasparian is the best dentist I've ever had. She does everything possible to make it a pain-free experience. She has a great staff. My teeth have never looked better.

Chris L.

Dr. Kasparian is one of the few real customer service oriented doctors that offers great and personable service. She is the best dentist I ever had, that's saying something with my teeth.. With the many appointments I have to make, it especially important to me the timelines of the appointments, starting and finishing on time, allowing me to make my work appointments that I have, sometimes back-to-back.

Bror A.

Dr. Kasparian is the best! I moved away from the area, but still make the drive to her because she's amazing. At one point, I "strayed" from using her because of limitations on my dental insurance - thinking I was saving money. Instead, I got a crummy dentist who was cheap for the initial meeting and then tried to upsell me on a million things. Immediately high-tailed it back to Dr. K and never looked back. Dr. K is honest, really, really knows her stuff, and is just an all-around great person.

Karsha C.

Dr. Kasparian is spectacular. I have spent a lot of time at different dentist offices and she is without a doubt the best. Dr. Kasparian explains exactly what is going on with your teeth, how she will fix it, and how you can help yourself. She is so nice you can't help but listen to her advice and start to take better care of your teeth. I literally quit soda and candy because of her. She is the dentist whisperer. Highly recommended.

Chris W.

My girlfriend's dentist., has been seeing her for about 8 years. "Dr. Kasparian is very gentle."

Rafael D.

I love Dr. Kasparian. I have been going to her for several years. She has a wonderful, calm bedside (or should I say chairside) manner and does a great job on my teeth. Her whole team is fantastic. Originally, Dr. K would clean my teeth every other time, but now Gina does it every time. Great dentist and staff!

Karyn S.

As a former employee at Dr. Kasparian's office, I got the chance to work with the most honest and hard-working people I've ever worked with. They are always punctual and take care of the patients' needs first. If you're looking for an office that makes you feel at home, then this is the office for you. I would have never left if I didn't have to go back to school. This is a great office to work at and I definitively recommend it.

Ana P.

She's one of the BEST. she has a great relaxing bedside manner so much so that I would fall asleep at the chair with my mouth open. But that's just a minor point. She has done more for my teeth than I have. I should know. How any of you have a Dentist personally deep clean your teeth, instead of the Hygienist? really? and do they do hour long sessions?... on each quadrant? yeah i thought so...
a total of 41/2 hours over 3 1/2 weeks. She is Anal about her work and you wouldn't have it any other way.

A C.

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.